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Past Productions – II


Happy Together

August – October 2002;
Written by Cyndi Locke.
Set in 1974, the cast of a cancelled television show reunite.


Hark! The Angels

November – December 2010;
Written by Krista Lane & Cyndi D. Locke
Familiar faces meet and greet you in Heaven as they vie to become the next Christmas angel.


HMCS Feast Ashore

June – September, 1988;
Written by Danny Macdonald.
A spy filled look at Halifax during the Second World War. Big band sound and tearful ballads.

HMCS Feast Ashore

He Shoots, She Scores

March – September, 1994;
Written by Briane Nasimok & Jamie Bradley
Set in 1967, this musical is a patriotic look at hockey.


Heartbreak Hotel

May – November, 1991 (1st run)
May – September, 1998 (2nd run)
June 24 – September 12, 2010 (3rd run)
Written by Jamie Bradley & Cyndi D. Locke
An Elvis fan club has an emergency meeting because the king is landing in Halifax

Heartbreak Hotel

Here Comes the Sun

April 1 – June 20, 2010;
Written by Cyndi Locke & Krista Lane
Camp Ob-La-Di is closing it’s doors and saying goodbye to the summer. Set to the hits of The Beatles


Honky Tonk Ranch

September, 1991 – February, 1992;
Written by Briane Nasimok & Cyndi D. Locke
A ranch resort is home to the happiest couple in the world who are getting a d-i-v-o-r-c-e.


(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

February – May 2012;
Written by Krista Lane & Cyndi D. Locke
Can’t find a mate then come to us, we will find the perfect person for you- Satisfaction Guaranteed! With the hits of The Rolling Stones.


I’ll Be Home For Christmas

November – December 2001 (1st run)
Nov-Dec 2012 (2nd run);
Written by Cyndi Locke.
The Robertsons are having their annual family reunion, and this time the family is actually coming.


I Will Survive

January - April, 2001;
Written by Cyndi Locke.
A musical look at the disco diva craze of the seventies.


I Shot The Sheriff

February – June, 1999;
Written by Cyndi Locke
A murder mystery about murder mysteries, set against the back drop of the 1970′s crime drama.

I Shot The Sheriff

Jingle Bell Rock

November – December, 1990;
Written by Jamie Bradley & Cyndi D. Locke
A Christmas party goes awry when someone tries to steal trade secrets.


Merdah, Shay Root (Murder, She Wrote)

January 25– May 4, 2013;
Written by Cyndi Locke
A mystery writer finds herself stranded in a small Nova Scotian fishing village and smack dab in the middle of a murder! Music of the eighties.

Namely Murder

Namely Murder

January – May, 1991;
Written by Briane Nasimok & Cyndi D. Locke
A mystery of murderous proportions sets against the backdrop of the early fifties.


Not So Silent Night

November – December 2010;
Written by Krista Lane & Cyndi D.Locke
While the parents are away the children will play, until their runaway Aunt arrives. Pop Holiday music.


Nutmeg and Mistletoe

November – December, 1991;
Written by Margot Sampson & Briane Nasimok
A Christmas family reunion has everyone looking for a little peace and goodwill.

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